Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Fantasy Setlist - The Rules!!!

After last year's chart action, New Chart Riot is back with a vengeance......with a new twist!!

So, what if you were in charge of the setlist for a Manic Street Preachers gig?  Which songs would you pick?  A greatest hits set maybe, a whole set of songs they never play live, covers, B-sides, all of the above?  For this "chart" of sorts YOU are in charge!!

The Rules!

  • Select 25 different songs of your choice. This may contain ANY song the Manics have ever recorded or played live.
  • If you wish to select a fantasy cover that they have never ever played in any form but you would like them to, you may (however bear in mind this is highly unlikely to be selected by anyone else!).
  • With the above in mind, James or Nicky solo songs are valid entries if you would like to see the full band play them.
  • It doesn't HAVE to be your favourite 25 songs.  Some may not work as well live or you may just want to see certain songs played more than others, the choice is yours.
  • The order of the songs ideally will be how you want your gig to flow, however the order may not be important to you (see scoring for the effect of ordering).
  • You may specify that a song is included in a solo/acoustic section if you wish (see scoring for the effects of this).
  • As an additional option, in true Manics style, you may add your own setlist quote (thanks JamGaw for this suggestion!).


  • No weighting will be applied to songs, each selection will count as 1 vote.
  • If you specified a song as solo/acoustic this counts against all votes for that song (i.e. there aren't separate entries for full band/solo songs).
  • For the 25 songs with the most votes, an average placing in the set will be calculated based on the order of your selections so that the final 25 is in the optimal order as decided by you.
  • If any of the top 25 entries has more votes as a solo/acoustic song than with the full band it will appear in the final set as solo/acoustic.

Submitting your Entry

Once you have your 25 selections, participants are encouraged to share their setlist (like with the top 50s) on Twitter for a lively debate with your followers!!  If you do this, put your own personal hashtag against each entry (e.g. #ManicsSetlistIanL) and let me know @Pyfbrown so that I can register your votes.  Each entry will go up on this blog with your Twitter name for anyone that may miss it to study and critique!!  Note: if you came across this blog through a site other than Twitter I will include another name as appropriate.

However, if you would rather blog your own setlist or just send it by email without counting down on Twitter in this way that's fine too, contact me to arrange this at the time.

The deadline for entries to be considered for the overall fans' setlist is Sunday May 18th 2014. Happy setlisting!!

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