Sunday, 25 May 2014

Manics Fantasy Setlist - Final

The setlist below was compiled from 27 different setlists submitted by Manic Street Preachers fans during April and May 2014.  One point was awarded for each vote and the final tally for each song is shown after the name of each one.  Four songs tied on points for the last two places in the final setlist, so the position in the fans' top 50 was used as a tiebreaker.  So, apologies to 'Jackie Collins Existential Question Time' and '(It's Not War) Just the End of Love' which were unlucky to miss out!!  Thank you to all people who took part in, followed or promoted these setlists, it has been great fun!!!

Points to note as follows:

  • Position was decided on average placing across the setlists, however 'This is Yesterday' had to be moved forward to fit in with the acoustic set.
  • The three acoustic songs received more votes as acoustic songs compared to full band versions, hence their appearance here as acoustic.
  • Kylie Minogue was the most popular choice of duet in 'Little Baby Nothing', therefore appears in the final set.
  • There were more votes for 'This Sullen Welsh Heart' without a guest singer than with one, therefore it is here as Manics-only.
  • More people omitted a 'Motown Junk' intro than included one, therefore it appears intro-less.

See the 'Fantasy Setlist' tab for the full voting list and sub-charts with all manner of Manics-related lists that came out of these selections!!

Final Fantasy Setlist
Found that Soul 11
Little Baby Nothing (with Kylie Minogue) 12
Faster 24
Peeled Apples 12
Motorcycle Emptiness 22
From Despair to Where 11
Sleepflower 19
La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh) 14
Your Love Alone is not Enough 14
1985 10
The Masses Against the Classes 9
Stay Beautiful 17
Yes 17
You Stole the Sun from my Heart 11
This Sullen Welsh Heart (acoustic) 9
Small Black Flowers that Grow in the Sky (acoustic) 8
This is Yesterday (acoustic) 11
Revol 13
Show Me the Wonder 9
No Surface All Feeling 11
If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next 12
Motown Junk 16
You Love Us 17
A Design for Life 23


  1. I'd be quite happy with that . Thanks for all the fun . I have renewed respect for anyone trying to compose a set list , especially when they have a large body of work to choose from, it wasn't easy having to miss out so many loved songs .

  2. Great job - still think there should have been the She Sells Sanctuary intro though! :)