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Manics Top 50s - 25th August 2013

A bumper crop of three charts for your viewing pleasure today, two of which have been counting down gradually over the last week or so.  The first chart is definitely one of our most unique charts, being heavily weighted towards the first 3 albums/eras, but that allows some of those great early B-sides to have their day in the sun.  And I do believe 'Archives of Pain' has earned its first number one slot - that will be another chart by the way, the number one chart!!!  And no matter how much you love the later songs, you have to admit it's a damn fine chart, a glowing comment on the depth of the material available to us when making our selections.

I know I keep saying that some charts are equally spread between the albums when looking at the mini-charts, but our second chart is probably the closest we're going to get to actually being equal!!  I expect Clair herself may be surprised by this too :)  It is interesting to see whether your perceived favourite/not-so-favourite albums actually come out where you expect them to, mine were about right, although I have had other people say otherwise for theirs.  But a good mix in Clair's choices of the chart regulars and some of those that don't appear as often, including at least one no-vote song in there.

The third chart today has another new entry in our list of number ones and a whole host of different songs muscling their way in on the top ten too.  Many of the songs featured are in plenty of charts, but definitely some of their higher placings here.  Also a slight leaning away from the first two albums to balance out with our first selection!!  We've now hit chart number 44, within touching distance of 50, so as always keep them coming!!

RMcNamara @RorsDM
1. Archives of Pain
2. Of Walking Abortion
3. Die in the Summertime
4. Yes
5. Sleepflower
6. Patrick Bateman
7. Stay Beautiful
8. Repeat
9. Faster
10. Ballad of the Bangkok Novotel
11. Mausoleum
12. Condemned to Rock 'N' Roll
13. The Intense Humming of Evil
14. Revol
15. PCP
16. 4st 7lb
17. Motorcycle Emptiness
18. Slash N' Burn
19. Motown Junk
20. Democracy Coma
21. Love Torn Us Under
22. Life Becoming a Landslide
23. Mr Carbohydrate
24. Suicide is Painless (Theme from MASH)
25. All is Vanity
26. Hibernation
27. Comfort Comes
28. From Despair to Where
29. ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart
30. Love's Sweet Exile
31. Prologue to History
32. Small Black Flowers that Grow in the Sky
33. New Art Riot
34. Judge Yr'self
35. It's So Easy
36. Sculpture of Man
37. Removables
38. Crucifix Kiss
39. Methadone Pretty
40. Gold Against the Soul
41. Sorrow 16
42. Symphony of Tourette
43. Drug Drug Druggy
44. Nat West - Barclays - Midlands - Lloyds
45. Doors Closing Slowly
46. Ocean Spray
47. So Dead
48. We Her Majesty's Prisoners
49. Another Invented Disease
50. Yourself

By Era
Generation Terrorists 18
Gold Against the Soul 10
The Holy Bible 14
Everything Must Go 3
This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours 1
Know Your Enemy 2
Lifeblood 0
Send Away the Tigers 0
Journal for Plague Lovers 2
Postcards From a Young Man 0
Others 0

(Number shared with Final Top 50 - 21)


clair horne @clairhorne
1. Yes
2. This is Yesterday
3. A Design for Life
4. Too Cold Here
5. This Joke Sport Severed
6. Your Love Alone is not Enough
7. Little Baby Nothing
8. If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
9. A Billion Balconies Facing the Sun
10. Ocean Spray
11. A Song for Departure
12. Doors Closing Slowly
13. His Last Painting
14. Ready for Drowning
15. Born a Girl
16. Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier
17. The Love of Richard Nixon
18. Faster
19. Motorcycle Emptiness
20. Life Becoming a Landslide
21. Solitude Sometimes Is
22. Door to the River
23. To Repel Ghosts
24. No Surface All Feeling
25. From Despair to Where
26. Bag Lady
27. Some Kind of Nothingness
28. You Know it's Going to Hurt
29. Facing Page: Top Left
30. Sleepflower
31. All is Vanity
32. I Think I Found It
33. Rewind the Film
34. Journal for Plague Lovers
35. Fragments
36. So Why So Sad
37. Small Black Flowers that Grow in the Sky
38. Found that Soul
39. Roses in the Hospital
40. Fearless Punk Ballad
41. Underdogs
42. You Love Us
43. The Masses Against the Classes
44. Endless Plain of Fortune
45. Yourself
46. Suicide is Painless (Theme from MASH)
47. William's Last Words
48. Imperial Bodybags
49. Let Robeson Sing
50. Stay Beautiful

By Era
Generation Terrorists 5
Gold Against the Soul 5
The Holy Bible 4
Everything Must Go 4
This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours 3
Know Your Enemy 5
Lifeblood 5
Send Away the Tigers 5
Journal for Plague Lovers 7
Postcards From a Young Man 3
Others 4

(Number shared with Final Top 50 - 25)


Claire @clarahopscotch
1. This Joke Sport Severed
2. Further Away
3. My Little Empire
4. Some Kind of Nothingness
5. Golden Platitudes
6. Solitude Sometimes Is
7. Everything Must Go
8. Motorcycle Emptiness
9. Yes
10. No Surface All Feeling
11. Postcards From a Young Man
12. Faster
13. Peeled Apples
14. The Everlasting 
15. A Billion Balconies Facing the Sun
16. This is Yesterday
17. Show Me the Wonder
18. A Song for Departure
19. Hazelton Avenue
20. My Guernica
21. Little Baby Nothing
22. A Design for Life
23. Donkeys
24. Small Black Flowers that Grow in the Sky
25. If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
26. Cardiff Afterlife
27. 4 Ever Delayed
28. Revol 
29. Ready for Drowning
30. Prologue to History 
31. Life Becoming a Landslide
32. Nobody Loved You
33. 4st 7lb
34. PCP
35. Ocean Spray
36. Underdogs
37. Empty Souls
38. Glasnost
39. Judge Yr'self
40. Epicentre 
41. Me and Stephen Hawking
42. Baby Elian
43. Facing Page: Top Left
44. Enola/Alone
45. Can't Take My Eyes Off You
46. Doors Closing Slowly
47. Freedom of Speech Won't Feed my Children
48. This is the Day
49. New Art Riot
50. Umbrella

By Era
Generation Terrorists 3
Gold Against the Soul 2
The Holy Bible 7
Everything Must Go 7
This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours 6
Know Your Enemy 5
Lifeblood 5
Send Away the Tigers 1
Journal for Plague Lovers 5
Postcards From a Young Man 5
Others 4

(Number shared with Final Top 50 - 24)

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