Thursday, 8 August 2013

Manics Top 50s - 8th August 2013

We're in a bit of a lull in the top 50s at the moment, but here's another one to keep the candle burning as people finalise their charts or begin the countdown!!  It's another one that leans over to the earlier songs (not knocking it, mine did!), but still has a good spread over all of the albums.

The 31st August deadline is actually bearing down on us fairly soon, so what will end up making the overall top 50 and what will be crowned number 1?!  If you want to see your favourites in with a chance make sure you have your chart submitted by the end of the month....your votes could decide what's in or out!!  I now suddenly feel the need to say something really fast and unintelligible about terms and conditions.......

Paudie O'Neill @oneillpaudie
1. Yes
2. From Despair to Where
3. Faster
4. Motorcycle Emptiness
5. No Surface All Feeling
6. Intravenous Agnostic
7. She is Suffering
8. Hibernation
9. Archives of Pain
10. A Design for Life
11. You Love Us
12. Revol
13. ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart
14. Stay Beautiful
15. I'm Not Working
16. Spectators of Suicide
17. La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)
18. Donkeys
19. Virginia State Epileptic Colony
20. PCP
21. Little Baby Nothing
22. Indian Summer
23. Close my Eyes
24. All is Vanity
25. Suicide is Painless (Theme from MASH)
26. The Girl Who Wanted to be God
27. Roses in the Hospital 
28. 4st 7lb
29. Everything Must Go
30. Judge Yr'self
31. Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier
32. Autumnsong
33. Peeled Apples
34. Love's Sweet Exile
35. Motown Junk
36. Found that Soul
37. Baby Elian
38. Gold Against the Soul
39. Glasnost
40. Sleepflower
41. The Masses Against the Classes
42. Postcards from a Young Man
43. Tsunami
44. This is Yesterday
45. The Everlasting 
46. Prologue to History
47. Life Becoming a Landslide
48. Empty Souls
49. The Year of Purification
50. Dead Trees and Traffic Islands

By Era
Generation Terrorists 8
Gold Against the Soul 8
The Holy Bible 10
Everything Must Go 6
This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours 4
Know Your Enemy 4
Lifeblood 2
Send Away the Tigers 2
Journal for Plague Lovers 3
Postcards From a Young Man 1
Others 2

(Number shared with Final Top 50 - 30)

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