Monday, 11 May 2015

Manics Top 50s - 11th May 2015

Today's entry sees a familiar number one, staking its claim this time to rise from the number 3 spot in the overall chart and break into the top two.  This Is My Truth puts up a valiant fight against The Holy Bible in the By Era chart with 7 entries as every album is represented and we manage to tick off another no-vote song, although a B-side this time (not telling which though!).  Keep them coming!

David Scullion @scully161280
1. A Design For Life
2. Archives of Pain
3. Door to the River
4. Tsunami
5. Rewind the Film
6. Golden Platitudes
7. Motorcycle Emptiness 
8. La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)
9. This Joke Sport Severed
10. Suicide is Painless (Theme From MASH)
11. If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next 
12. Sleepflower
13. 4st 7lb
14. Black Dog on my Shoulder
15. Motown Junk
16. Roses in the Hospital
17. (It's Not War) Just the End of Love
18. Prologue to History
19. Mausoleum
20. Show Me the Wonder 
21. Kevin Carter
22. Found That Soul
23. Condemned to Rock 'N' Roll
24. Futurology
25. The Second Great Depression 
26. Sex, Power, Love and Money 
27. Die in the Summertime 
28. Yes
29. Bag Lady
30. The Convalescent 
31. Love Torn Us Under 
32. 1985
33. Judge Yr'self 
34. Jackie Collins Existential Question Time 
35. Out of Time
36. Emily
37. Little Baby Nothing 
38. Australia 
39. ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart 
40. Be Natural 
41. Running Out of Fantasy 
42. Misguided Missile 
43. PCP
44. Everything Must Go 
45. Valley Boy
46. Autumnsong
47. Red Rubber
48. This Sullen Welsh Heart
49. Glasnost 
50. Born a Girl

By Era
Generation Terrorists 5
Gold Against the Soul 3
The Holy Bible 9
Everything Must Go 4
This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours 7
Know Your Enemy 2
Lifeblood 3
Send Away the Tigers 2
Journal for Plague Lovers 3
Postcards From a Young Man 3
Rewind the Film 4
Futurology 3
Others 2

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