Monday, 25 May 2015

Manics Top 50s - 25th May 2015

A returning friend of New Chart Riot today and a not unexpected old school feel to it as the By Era chart leans very heavily towards the first three albums, with a Holy Bible top four.  There was even time to throw in a first vote for one song buried in the 50, make up your own mind as to which one that might be.....

I was expecting a busier bank holiday weekend to be honest as the deadline looms, I guess you're all leaving it until the last minute right?  Right?! :)  Next Sunday night (May 31st) is the deadline remember, so make sure you get yours in in time, I make this chart number 40 so far so we need another 23 in just 6 days to break last time's tally!!!

RMcNamara @RorsDM
1. Archives of Pain
2. Die in the Summertime
3. Of Walking Abortion
4. Yes
5. Sleepflower
6. Stay Beautiful
7. Repeat
8. Faster
9. Patrick Bateman
10. Condemned to Rock 'N' Roll
11. The Intense Humming of Evil
12. Mr Carbohydrate
13. Mausoleum
14. PCP
15. Revol
16. 4st 7lb
17. Democracy Coma
18. Slash N' Burn
19. Motown Junk
20. So Dead
21. Ballad of the Bangkok Novotel
22. Love Torn Us Under
23. Motorcycle Emptiness
24. Hibernation
25. Suicide is Painless (Theme From MASH)
26. All is Vanity
27. Love's Sweet Exile
28. Life Becoming a Landslide
29. New Art Riot
30. Prologue to History
31. Comfort Comes
32. Small Black Flowers that Grow in the Sky
33. ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart
34. Judge Yr'self
35. From Despair to Where
36. Methadone Pretty
37. Removables
38. Crucifix Kiss
39. Sculpture of Man
40. Gold Against the Soul
41. Nat West - Barclays - Midlands - Lloyds
42. Symphony of Tourette
43. Sorrow 16
44. We Her Majesty's Prisoners
45. It's So Easy
46. Drug Drug Druggy
47. No Surface All Feeling
48. Doors Closing Slowly
49. Another Invented Disease
50. Spectators of Suicide

By Era
Generation Terrorists 19
Gold Against the Soul 9
The Holy Bible 14
Everything Must Go 4
This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours 1
Know Your Enemy 1
Lifeblood 0
Send Away the Tigers 0
Journal for Plague Lovers 2
Postcards From a Young Man 0
Rewind the Film 0
Futurology 0
Others 0

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