Friday, 8 May 2015

Manics Top 50s - 6th May 2015

Onto chart number 31 and it's a top two that matches the top two from our final chart of 2013.  But will the result be repeated this time?  It's another chart with a relatively even selection across the albums, Generation Terrorists coming out on top in the 'By Era' chart.

After I reported a couple of blogs back that seven of the albums had votes for all of their tracks, this chart manages to also tick off SATT and Futurology.  So, only three albums out there waiting for their full complement.....the weekend is now upon us, maybe that will signal a few more charts being revealed.

amanda @miss_AmandaBee
1. Faster
2. Motorcycle Emptiness
3. Ocean Spray
4. Stay Beautiful
5. Yes
6. Patrick Bateman
7. This Is Yesterday
8. You Love Us
9. Solitude Sometimes Is
10. Theme From MASH (Suicide is Painless)
11. La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)
12. Motown Junk
13. No Surface All Feeling
14. Little Baby Nothing
15. Prologue to History
16. Autumnsong
17. You Stole the Sun From My Heart
18. Peeled Apples
19. Ready For Drowning
20. Donkeys
21. Some Kind of Nothingness
22. Suicide Alley
23. Let Robeson Sing
24. 1985
25. This Sullen Welsh Heart
26. Mr Carbohydrate
27. PCP
28. Rewind the Film
29. My Little Empire
30. Indian Summer
31. Stay With Me
32. Glasnost
33. Jackie Collins Existential Question Time
34. Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
35. Revol
36. I Think I Found It
37. A Design For Life
38. The View From Stow Hill
39. Virginia State Epileptic Colony
40. Roses in the Hospital
41. This is the Day
42. Futurology
43. Australia
44. Just a Kid
45. A Song For Departure
46. Anthem For a Lost Cause
47. Slash N' Burn
48. Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head
49. To Repel Ghosts
50. Sex, Power, Love and Money

By Era
Generation Terrorists 8
Gold Against the Soul 4
The Holy Bible 6
Everything Must Go 5
This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours 4
Know Your Enemy 3
Lifeblood 5
Send Away the Tigers 3
Journal for Plague Lovers 3
Postcards From a Young Man 2
Rewind the Film 3
Futurology 3
Others 1

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